Recon resource efficiency champion winners        

ReCon Resource Efficiency Champion Winners

Resource Efficiency Champion Winners – BitCNI Awards 2015


After designing a bespoke plant to wash and segregate the material, the organisation was able to offer customers a recycling rate of up to 80% on this waste which was traditionally destined for landfill.

What ReCon Waste Management Did

Originally providing a recycling rate of 80% on street and gully waste, ReCon management recognised that obtaining an End of Waste protocol would be very beneficial to its customers and would give the business a new platform and recognition for sustainability and innovation within the industry.

The company invested time and resource into developing ways it could put the remaining 20% of this waste to good use and after two years, it received approval to manufacture a soil product made from this waste to send to local markets. The soil produced from the organic waste streams is used in a number of different ways including the improvement of agricultural land. It is taken and used by farmers within the local area keeping the carbon footprint of transport to an absolute minimum.

The Outcomes And Impacts

  • ISO 18001 accreditation achieved

  • All waste diverted from landfill with 99%+ recycling rate

  • Only company in Europe to achieve End of Waste status

  • Diverted almost 50,000 tonnes of street waste from landfill


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